| Paragon logistics


| Paragon logistics

They’re in our name! We want to be the “Paragon” of logistics, the model of excellence and the partner of choice for refrigerated and ambient delivery. We work hard to be completely reliable and make it easy for clients to work with us. At the end of the day, it’s our results that speak the loudest.

| Paragon logistics

We’re about living up to our own high standards; about innovative ideas and solutions that work; about going out of our way to make things happen; and always doing what we say we will. We’re straight and clear with our clients so they can trust us.

| Paragon logistics

Our secret to success is no secret, but a commitment to do what’s right for your business. Our drivers are Paragon trained and work to a strict set of standards. Our backup plans have backup plans. Whatever happens, we always deliver.

| Paragon logistics

We find efficiency exciting and invest in tech to give our customers a seamless delivery experience. Sophisticated route optimisation and tracking tools help us overcome challenges and ensure that each delivery is the greenest and most affordable it can be.

| Paragon logistics


We’re here to help! Price competitiveness is important to us but we also care about the service you receive. We create tailored solutions that work for your business, and your dedicated account manager provides the personal touch.

  • Customer-focused. One-click scheduling, hassle-free deliveries, live tracking, round-the-clock support – you name it! We do these things to make your business thrive.
  • Transparent. We don’t believe in surprises or hidden costs. That’s why every piece of info you need is right here and our pricing is straightforward and always tailored to your specific needs.
  • Easy-to-use. We give you a high-quality logistics service without the cost of owning vehicles, hiring drivers, buying insurance, and managing safety, compliance and liability issues. Simple.
  • 99% of businesses that trial our service return to place a weekly booking.


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